Handling People with Special Needs Education Masterclass Course

Janet Hunt spent the week from the 30th October till the 3rd November at Springwood Heath Primary School in Liverpool. She was there to train three new Key Trainers on the Handling People with Special Needs Education Masterclass course. Despite there only been three participants taking part in the course it was a very busy week with lots of group interaction and question and answer session, Janet said “I thoroughly enjoyed training this group, they were like sponges, absorbing all the information“.

Attending the course and pictured above looking very proud after receiving their certificates of accreditation, is Emma Foy from Springwood Heath Primary School, Shazye Cosar from Springside School and Jo Watson from Bluebell Park School.

Excellent course, informative and really enjoyed Janet’s teaching style which kept things moving at a nice pace whilst being fun. This course has given me the confidence and knowledge that I was looking for, enjoyed every part of it.” - Jo Watson, Bluebell Park School


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