4 Day Special Needs Education MasterClass!

Today Janet Hunt was starting a week of training at the Hawthorn Resource Centre delivering a 4 Day Special Needs Education MasterClass. This course was slightly different as it was only 4 days long, however this was then followed by a refresher workshop for the existing KeyTrainers. The course was well attended with Katherine Young and Allistair Walker  from  Staffordshire County Council. We also had Michelle Goundry from The Bridge School.

Above we have, from left to right, Katherine,  Allistair and Michelle.

We had some outstanding feedback on this course, Michelle said “This has been great. I’ve left feeling really confident and able to support my colleagues at school. I’m also impressed at the on-going support and the fact that I can email questions at any time. Great. Janet is a super trainer!”

We are all very happy that you all enjoyed your training and we are looking forward to working with you again! Happy Training!

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