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NHS Forth Valley – 31st March 2021

Today’s course took Janet up to Stirling Community Hospital to spend the day with two Key Trainers based in the children occupational therapy department, Katy Mather and Alena Paton. They spent the day refreshing their knowledge in the theory behind safe manual handling along with practical techniques and problem solving when risk assessing, covering a variety of techniques and transfers and looking and the equipment available to reduce any risks.

NHS Forth Valley 31 Mar 21


Newbridge School

Today we held a one day Handling People with Special Needs Education refresher workshop for four Key Trainers based at NewBridge School in Ilford, Essex, which is part of the Astrum Multi Academies Trust. This refresher course was originally booked to take place last year and had to be postponed due to the Covid pandemic but thankfully as things are beginning to improve we were finally able to attend the school and run this course for them, whilst still adhering to social distancing where possible and regular hand washing along with wearing masks.

I was so glad to see Janet (Centaur Trainer), her approach is just excellent. Thank you for all the support of all at Centaur.” – Tracey Hobden, Rebound Therapist

24th March 2021

Today’s course was a one day refresher for staff who had previously attended a five day Handling People with Special Needs Education Masterclass course, based at Kirkleatham Hall School and KTS Academy.

Kirkleatham Hall School 24th March

Staff from KTS Academy

Altogether we had seven participants for this one day refresher Leanne Simpson, Kelly Skelton, Lauren Moody and Nicola Poulter all from Kirkleatham Hall School. They were joined by Sarah Gunn, Emily Bottomley and Paula Limon from KTS Academy.

Kirkleatham Hall School 24th March

Staff from Kirkleatham Hall School

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Sandwell Council 19 Mar 21

Janet was back with Sandwell Council from the 15th March to deliver another set of Handling People with Special Needs Education courses to staff based within the special school throughout the area. This set of course was split into two two day induction courses for staff who had not previously received any manual handling training plus two one day refresher courses.

Sandwell Council 22 Mar 21


Ivel Valley School

15th – 19th March 2021

This weeks course was held at Ivel Valley School and College in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and it was a five day Handling People with Special Needs Education Train the Trainer Masterclass Course. There were three participants for the course this time, all from the host school, Joanna Easton, Kathryn Harris and Rachel Kruger. The Centaur Primary Trainer, Jackie, said that all three of the participants worked really hard throughout the week showing great commitment and achieved a high standard.

Ivel Valley School 15th - 19th March 2021

Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar (Stornoway Council)

This week Jan traveled over to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland to deliver a three day Load Management Theory & Client Handling Techniques train the trainer course along with two one day refresher courses for staff within the council who have already attended a passed the three day course.

The first course of the week was a three day Load Management Theory & Client Handling Techniques Train the Trainer Masterclass course. This course was for staff based within the council to allow them, once completed and passed, to then go on and deliver manual handling training to staff within their place of work. Attending the three day course was Donna Rennie, Marion MacLeod, Shona Hadwen, Catherine Hughson, Crisanne Smith and Emma Ingham (pictured below).

CNES 8th - 10th March 2021

Left to right. Marion. Shona. Catherine. Chrisanne. Emma. Donna

I have to say I really enjoyed the course and it was highly enlightening, I found the trainer Jan Crawford to be highly experienced and very approachable and a masterclass trainer, despite weight, height or capabilities she was a masterpiece at moving and handling.  I look forward to working with her again.” – Marion MacLeod, Homecare

CNES 11th March 2021

Left to Right: Madeleine. Calum. Christina. Julie.

Attending the first of the refresher courses on the 11th March was Christina MacDonald, Madeleine Macaulay, Calum Macleod and Julie MacDonald. This was a busy day covering many areas and refreshing the participants knowledge on the theory behind safe moving and handling along with practical techniques.

Information given was clear and explained well, each part good and relevant” – Julie Macdonald, Senior Social Care Worker

The second refresher course was held on the 12th March, the participants for this one day course were Linda MacDonald, Jane MacPhee and Michael Harrop. Again this group worked really hard demonstrating brilliant techniques and all ending the day with a pass.

CNES 12th March 2021

Left to Right: Linda. Jane. Michael.

8th – 12th March 2021

This week Jackie spent her time with staff from Kemball School in Stoke on Trent. Centaur were at the school to train four staff on the five day Handling People with Special Needs Education train the trainer course. The four participants that took part in the full course were Amer Matharu, Madeleine Summers, Mark Harrison and Julie Price. It is safe to say that the week went well with glowing feedback received from all attendees and the trainer. Jackie was even presented with a selection of gifts and a card at the end of the week which included some Staffordshire Oatcakes which Jackie said are wonderful.

Kemball School 8-12 March 2021

Jackie’s lovely thank you card from the participants on the course

Kemball School 8-12 March 2021

The selection of gifts including those Staffordshire oatcakes.

Jackie is fantastic and she delivered the course brilliantly! It was enjoyable as well as having our series workside and learning. I have learnt so much and really enjoyed the week, Thank you Jackie!” – Amer Matharu, SSSA.

Kemball School 8-12 March 2021

Springwood Primary School

1st – 3rd March 2021

Janet spent three days this week with three staff from Springwood Primary School in Salford. The participants had recently attended a manual handling train the trainer course but felt that they needed some additional training specifically related to the safe moving and handling of children and the risk assessments involved.

The participants, Michelle Brown, Vicky Lawley and Rebecca Dickens, all worked hard throughout the three days adding to their risk assessments and improving on their moving and handling skills and technique. The trainer was very impressed with the presentations from all three participants and commented that all three “showed interest and demonstrated full commitment”.

Springwood Primary School 1-3 March 2021

Springwood Primary School 1-3 March 2021