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Birkett House School

28th October 2020 

Janet spent today with the two Key Trainers, Zara Groves and Graham Brown,  at Birkett House School in Leicester. The two Key Trainers were due to attend their next face to face refresher course on the Handling People with Special Needs Education training as it had been two years since their last course. The day was spent looking at a number of areas including the current risk assessments that the school have in place and how they could be improved, problem solving skills and new ideas when delivering training, especially during Covid 19 restrictions.

Birkett House School 28 Oct 2020

26th October 2020

Today’s course was a one day Handling People with Special Needs Education refresher workshop for the Key Trainer based throughout schools in the West Berkshire Council area. Attending we had Nicholas Awbery from Newbury Academy Trust, Jane Morland from Kennet School, Jo Green from Speenhamland School and Robin Ireland also from Kennet School. The day was spent refreshing the Key Trainers on both the theory behind safe moving and handling and practical techniques currently used by the Key Trainers and also suggestions for new techniques they could use within their own schools.

West Berkshire Council 26 October 2020


Perioperative Manual Handling & Patient Positioning Course

12th – 14th October 2020

This week Jan spent three days with staff from Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Trust. Six of the staff from the trust attended the three day manual handling train the trainer course aimed at theatre staff. Attending the course we had Lynn Wildman, Claire McKeown, Lauren Mahoney, Sanlina Yu, Gregory Dixon and Kelvin Wilkes. All six participants worked hard and I am please so say that they finished the three day course achieving a pass and can now go on to deliver manual handling training to staff within the trust based in the theatre departments.

Left to Right: Sunlina at front, Claire, Lauren, Greg, Kelvin & Lynn at the back

Riverside School

Riverside School 5-9 October 2020

Janet visited Riverside School in Goole from the 5th – 9th October 2020 to deliver a five day Handling People with Special Needs Education training course to two of their staff. Centaur would normally run courses with a minimum of three participants however due to the ongoing Covid situation we are allowing course to go ahead with only two participants if the need arises. The two participants for the five day course were Nadine Matthews and Deborah Martin and both ladies worked very hard both on their pre-course workbooks and during the week. The trainer was very impressed with the work that they both put into the course and their presentations and both were awarded a pass with merit at the end of the week.

Active Care Group

6th October 2020

Today Jan visited Active Care Group (previously Independence Homes) in Surrey to deliver a one day Handling People with Special Needs Adults refresher course. We only had two Key Trainers available to attend, Jason McDermott and Sara McCague, but despite this the two staff worked very hard with the trainer refreshing their knowledge on the theory behind safe moving and handling along with practicing techniques as well as learning a few new suggestions during a problem solving exercises.

Left to Right: Jason, Jan, Sara

Chadsgrove School

1st October 2020

Today Maureen returned to Chadsgrove School in Worcester to deliver a one day Handling People with Special Needs Education refresher course to the existing three Key Trainers at the school. The day was spent refreshing the Key Trainers knowledge in both the theory elements of the training pack and the practical techniques used within the school along with advice and information of the delivery of the training especially during these strange times. Attending and in the picture below we had Glenda Kelleher, Emma Gilbert and Susan Parkes and I am please to say that they all ended the day achieving a pass.

Chadsgrove School 1 October 2020


Broomfield School, Leeds

29th September – 1st October 2020

Jackie spent three days in Leeds this week to train staff from Broomfield School on the Handling People with Special Needs Education training resource. As all three participants successfully passed the course they can now go on to deliver the training resource to staff within their school along with completing risk assessments for the children.

Broomfield School 29th Sept - 1st Oct 2020

Attending the course and pictured above we have Debra Reid, Rachel Clayforth and Christine Whitaker.