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Horizons College

Horizons College 14-18 Sept 20


The second course this week was again a five day Handling People with Special Needs Train the Trainer course but this time for staff who work with young adults rather than children. The course was held at Horizons College in Swindon from the 14th – 18th September 2020. We had two participants for this course, Sarah Finaughty and Joanna Ward. Both Joanna and Sarah work really well together and Jan (Centaur Trainer) said that they will make a great team once delivering the training in the college.

Lady Zia Wernher School

This weeks first course was held at Lady Zia Wernher Primary School in Luton from the 14th – 18th September 2020. This course was a five day train the trainer course for three staff from the school to enable them to deliver the Handling People with Special Needs Education training resource to their staff along side the already established training team in the school. Attending the course we had Sharon Napper, Jeannette Sharp and Louise Willis. All three participants worked really hard throughout the week and delivered great presentations. Unfortunately Jeannette had to leave early on the final day of the course before the photograph below was taken but they found a suitable stand in for her!

Lady Zia Wernher School 14th - 18th September 2020

Chadsgrove School, Worcester

Our second course this week was held at Chadsgrove School in Worcester. This was also a five day Handling People with Special Needs Education train the trainer masterclass course to trainer an additional six trainer to add to the schools already established training team. It was a busy week with a full course but all six of the participants worked hard and showed a great level of knowledge and skill. Janet, Centaur’s primary trainer was very impressed with the theory presentations from each of the participants and even said that Stephen’s legislation presentation was one of the best she has ever seen.

Chadsgrove School 7 - 11 Sept 20

Attending the course we had Rebecca Gayden, Ciara Porter, Rachel Burton, Claire Stoodley, Nicki Lupton and Stephen Eccles.

Very interesting and fulfilling course, lots of practical knowledge and tips relevant to our work. Really fantastic to have a trainer with such vast experience” – Stephen Eccles, Teaching Assistant

Staffordshire County Council

7th – 11th September 2020

This weeks course was a five day Handling People with Special Needs Education Train the Trainer Masterclass for Staffordshire County Council. All three participants attending the course we very keen to take part in the training and worked well together during the full week, even with the difficult circumstances. They were equipped with all the necessary PPE and followed all the guidance. I am pleased to say that all three successfully passed the course at the end of the week, well done.

Staffordshire County Council 7 - 11 Sept 20

Attending and photographed above we had Michelle Brindley, Leanne Franklin and Charlotte Wheeldon all looking very happy after receiving their certificate of accreditation.