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5 Day Special Needs Train the Trainer – Kingston Upon Hull

This week Janet Hunt was in Kingston Upon Hull with Tween Dykes School. We had three participants on the course, Michelle Noble and Tracy Walker from Tween Dykes School itself, and Stephen Powell from Little Heath School in Romford.

Above we have, from left to right, Stephen, Michelle and Tracy.

We had some lovely feedback from the course with Tracy saying

 “I have really benefited from the approachable nature,  the environment to ask questions openly and lots of discussion. Thank you for a lovely week. I was a bit daunted as it could have been a ‘heavy going’ course at a very busy time in my life. Janet has delivered a wonderful course, she kept it very relaxed, however at the  same time delivering all of the content and reassuring us that we can deliver it to others.”

Janet also gave some great feedback saying

 “A lovely week with a group who focussed, and explored new areas, arriving at positive results.”

All of us here at Centaur are very happy you all enjoyed the course – we look forward to working and hearing from you in the future!

Wandsworth Borough Council – 5 Day Special Needs Masterclass!

This week Janet Hunt was down in London delivering a 5 Day Special Needs Education 5 Day Train the Trainer Course to Wandsworth Borough Council, at Greenmead Primary School. In attendance for the whole week we had two participants Agi Palanki and Katelyn McGee both from the venue.

Here we have, from left to right, Agi and Katelyn.

We had some great feedback from the course with Katelyn saying “I liked how we were open to discussions about manual handling issues hat have arisen in our workplace. I Enjoyed the practical aspects + learning about equipment that I didn’t know existed”.

Janet said “This has proved to be a very rewarding course to teach, they were two very bright individuals who ensured nothing was omitted and constantly questioned to improved their knowledge.  They were joy to work with. The school itself has a very positive happy feel throughout the week and have gained two excellent trainers”.  

We are happy you all had a happy week! We are looking forward to working with you in the future!

Happy Training!


1 Day Refresher Workshop – Independence Homes

Today Janet Brewer was finishing a week of training with Independence Homes in Surrey. The course being delivered was a Handling People with Special Needs V2 1 Day Refresher Workshop – this course is for those who have already been trained in the aspect of adults with special needs and now need a refresher. In attendance for the day we had Francie DupontDean Potter and Kate Billing.

From left to right we have Kate, Francine and Dean.

4 Day Independence Homes Train the Trainer Course!

This week Janet Brewer was down in Surrey with Independence Homes delivering a 4 Day Handling People With Special Needs V2 Train the Trainer MasterClass. This type of course is for people who may have to train others who work with adults with special needs. In attendance over the four days we had Shaun FeganIqbal Hussain and Mitchell Smith – all from Independence Homes.


Above we have, from left to right, Mitchell, Shaun and Iqbal.

1 Day Refresher Workshop – Durham County Council

Today Janet Hunt was in our home City of Durham today delivering a Handling People with Special Needs Refresher Workshop to Keytrainers apart of Durham County Council. In attendance we had Beverley Richardson from Evergreen SchoolGurby Sandhu from Broom Cottages SchoolLinda Davison and Kathryn Bulman  from Park House and finally Kathleen Parker from Heighington School.

From left to right we have, Gurby, Kathryn, Linda, Beverley and Kathleen.

We had some brilliant feedback off this course with Beverley saying “I always enjoy the training and feel happy + relaxed doing it.”

1 Day Refresher Workshop – Stoke On Trent

Today Janet Hunt was delivering a Handling People with Special Needs Education 1 Day Refresher Workshop at Kemball School in Stoke On Trent. In attendance today we had  Helen Smith and Angela Heaney who were both from the school.

Above we have Helen and Angela.

We had some good feedback from this course with Helen saying “Excellent - Good to have the hands on refresher. Janet helped & gave advice with all questions I asked. She was very supportive throughout the day”.

Janet Said “A Superb day. We covered all the areas requested. They felt they could now firm up their assessments. It was lovely, in a brand new school with everything to enhance the training”.

Happy Training!

Special Needs Education 5 Day MasterClass!

This week Janet Brewer has been at Ysgol Hen Felin in Rhondda delivering a Special Needs Education 5 Day MasterClass, this course is designed to take people with any experience all the way up to trained trainers, who can deliver their own training. This week we had  Wendy Rees, Rhiannon Stallard, Robert Hemming, Lisa Jones, Abbie Tewkesbury and Jodie Way all from the school in attendance.

Unfortunately the photo is slightly blurry, but from left to right we have, Wendy, Abbie, Robert, Jodie, Lisa and Rhiannon.

We had some amazing feedback from the course with Wendy saying “Everything covered was important to what I do and gave me better knowledge to train others, everything needed was covered in depth with professionalism and helpfulness. I enjoyed the practical sessions and learning new hints/tips!”

Thank you for this brilliant feedback – we are looking forward to working with you in the future! Happy Training!