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1 Day Refresher Workshop – Wolverhampton

Today one of our trainers, Janet Hunt was with Penn Hall School in Wolverhampton to deliver a Handling People with Special Needs Education 1 Day Refresher Workshop with people we have previously trained. In attendance we had  Janet Coley, Mary Hall, Janice Hall, Kimberley Morgan, Tracey Padley and Karen Whitehouse who were all from the venue.

From left to right we have,  Tracey, Karen, Janet, Mary and Kimberley.

Janet gave some brilliant feedback saying “All of the course was very informative and addressed all the issues we wanted to be updated on, so I liked everything!”

Our trainer also gave some good feedback saying “A very productive day that enabled to look at the group as a whole as now experienced trainers.”

Load Management Theory 1 Day Refresher Course

Today Jan Crawford was at Swinton Hall Nursing Home in Swinton to deliver a Load Management Theory and Client Handling Techniques 1 Day Refresher Course. We had 3 participants in attendance who were from all over the country, Christine Eccles was from the host venue, Donna Robertson was from Nuffield Health Newcastle and David Galvin from Halton Haven Hospice. This course is for people who have attended one of our MasterClass courses but now need a refresher.

Above we have, from left to right, Dave, our trainer Jan, Donna and Christine.

We had some excellent feedback from the course with Christine saying “I enjoyed learning ned and more efficient ways of teaching. All was helpful, though it was hard to put what you know into practice when being observed, I will even take this experience away and have more consideration when I am teaching - I found the whole day very useful”.

We are glad you enjoyed the day – Happy Training!


3 Day Load Management Theory MasterClass!

This week Jan Crawford has been at Nuffield Health Grosvenor delivering our Load Management Theory and Client Handling Techniques 3 Day MasterClass. In attendance we had 3 participants; - Alex Hollinshead and Clare Jamieson  from the venue, we also had Kate Ruddick from Nuffield Health Woking.

From left to right we have Alex, Jan our trainer, Kate and Clare – all proudly displaying their certificates.

We had some brilliant feedback from the course Alex said “The practical sessions were useful as you could put what you had learn’t into practice – Jan, our trainer was very knowledgeable and approachable.

We are glad you enjoyed your course and we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

4 Day LMT/SNv2 MasterClass

This week Janet Brewer travelled up to EmCare Solutions in Glasgow to deliver a Load Management Theory / Special Needs Education V2 4 Day MasterClass .  This is a specially tailored course for those people who may have to deal with children and adults. In attendance we had Jackie Warren and Shona Scott  from The Richmond Fellowship, we also had both Eleanor McCarron  and  Ashley Roberts  from Clyde Healthcare.

We had some brilliant feedback from the course, with all participants saying they have enjoyed it, and are looking forward to training.

From left to right we have, Shona, Jackie, Eleanor and Ashley.


5 Day Special Needs Education MasterClass!

This week Janet Hunt has been down in Cornwall delivering our Handling People with Special Needs Education 5 Day MasterClass. In attendance we had Jennie Massey, Velichka Colman and Julie Walsh from Cornwall County Council; we also had Janet Ackford  from Devon County Council and Mark Murray from Curnow School.

Above are all of the participants…not forgetting our two training dolls!

We had some brilliant feedback from the participants, Julie said…

“I enjoyed the course immensely and felt Janet was inclusive and addressed all learning styles. Janet was observant and her sense of humour helps everyone feel relaxed + able to participate. By making it look effortless, Janet proves her knowledge and years of experience, she also shows willingness to learn from others on the course.” 

We love hearing how you found the course – Happy Training!

Staffordshire County Council Refresher Workshop

Today, which was the last day of a full week of training with the council, Janet Hunt delivered a Handling People with Special Needs Education  Key Trainer Refresher workshop, at the Hawthorn Resource Centre. In attendance we had Vicky Haynes and Haley Court from Staffordshire County Council; and Joan Baldwin from Wolverhampton Council.

Above we have, from left to right, Lisa, Joan, Vicky and Haley.

We got feedback from Vicky saying “Practical Refresher – Good & flexibility in choice really helpful. Discussion around issues very useful.

Happy Training!