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The Chiltern School Key Trainer Refresher

Today Janet Brewer was at The Chiltern School in Central Bedfordshire delivering a Handling People with Special Needs Education Key Trainer Refresher Workshop. In attendance we had Angela BrownHeather Hibbitt, Heather Nogacz and Katie Howard all from the school, we also had Caroline Moore from Ridgeway School.

From left to right we have; - Heather, Angela, Heather, Katie and Caroline. We had some excellent feedback from the course with Katie saying “Very Friendly, Professional + Knowledgeable. The course ran very smoothly“.

4 Day Special Needs Education MasterClass!

Today Janet Hunt was starting a week of training at the Hawthorn Resource Centre delivering a 4 Day Special Needs Education MasterClass. This course was slightly different as it was only 4 days long, however this was then followed by a refresher workshop for the existing KeyTrainers. The course was well attended with Katherine Young and Allistair Walker  from  Staffordshire County Council. We also had Michelle Goundry from The Bridge School.

Above we have, from left to right, Katherine,  Allistair and Michelle.

We had some outstanding feedback on this course, Michelle said “This has been great. I’ve left feeling really confident and able to support my colleagues at school. I’m also impressed at the on-going support and the fact that I can email questions at any time. Great. Janet is a super trainer!”

We are all very happy that you all enjoyed your training and we are looking forward to working with you again! Happy Training!

Newfield School – Train the Trainer MasterClass

This week Janet Hunt was in Blackburn delivering a Handling People with Special Needs 5 Day Train the Trainer Masterclass, it was a full course with, Aimie Gates, Linda Cowie, Clare Gebbie and Christine Dibb all attending from Newfield School; there was also Carol Cook attending from Red Marsh School, and James Jenkins  attending from Gower College in Swansea.

Here are two of our prospective trainers hard at work learning how to move a small child from a wheelchair, to the floor!

Here is Aimie with her Key Trainer pack – Well deserved!


From left to right we have Carol, Clare, James, Linda and Christine – All looking very happy with their certificates!

 We had some excellent feedback from the course from both our trainer and the participants, James said “The Trainer’s (Janet) knowledge was excellent” and Carol said “I feel very confident now to deliver to my colleagues in all aspects of moving and handling”

We are very happy you all enjoyed your course.

City & County of Swansea Key Trainer Refresher

Today one of our trainers Janet Brewer headed to Swansea to deliver a Handling People with Special Needs Key Trainer Refresher course. It was a specially course for the council and we had a lot of people attending from all over the council. In attendance we had – Julie Barker, Morag Jones, Sian Jones, Helena Jones, Bethan Thomas, Cris Simons-Ebden, Beverley Davies, Cheryl Dowling, Joannah Fox. A very busy course!

Above is the course photo. We had some great feedback from the participants, Helena said “Excellent Trainer, Lots of advice and tips were given that made perfect sense!”.

Ivel Valley School – Train the Trainer

This week Janet Brewer was at Ivel Valley School to deliver a Handling People with Special Needs Train the Trainer Course, it was another full course, following the trend of this year – this time we had Debbie Bryant and Sarah Perkins  from the school, Lana Bond from The Bridge School, Rachel Morris and Vicki Moss from Woodlands School, and finally Matthew France  from Somerset Council.

From left to right we have Debbie, Sarah, Vicki, Lana, Rachel and Matthew.

Wiltshire Council – Key Trainer Refresher

Today Janet was in Wiltshire to deliver a one day Handling People with Special Needs Refresher Course. We had a lot of attendees from all around the council, Alison Patrick, Lyn Vines, Tracy Evans, Amanda Humphreys, Lynne Davies, Liz Schorah, Sarah Hutchinson, Jane Youdan and Sue Smyth!

In the back row we have, from left to right, Sarah, Liz, Lyn, Lynne, Amanda and Jane; in the front we have Sue, Tracy and Alison.

We had some brilliant feedback from the course, our trainer said “It was a very busy but excellent day!” 

One of the attendees, Amanda, said “Trainer style is brilliant, very approachable and her knowledge is outstanding”

Key Trainer Refresher – The Orchard School

Janet Hunt was at The Orchard School, in the West Midlands today to deliver a one day Handling People with Special Needs Refresher Course. 

Attending we had Maureen Gardner, Janice Stirrup, Emma Humphries and Jan Greenway, all from the school.

All of the attendees are pictured above – from left to right we have; Emma, Janice, Jan and Maureen. We had excellent feedback from the course, our trainer said “Everyone’s skills were extremely, theres very little I can add other than, Well Done!”

Dumfries and Galloway Key Trainer Refresher

Today we sent two trainers up to Dumfries to complete a week long session of training, today was the last day of the week, it was however the busiest! It was the largest course we have ran all year with 1o existing Key Trainers in attendance, there was Kathryn CubbyKaren CallaghanShirley EdwardsEmma WatsonJanice WattsLiz WatsonGillian BaldieRuth DonnellyWendy Thin and Strona Orr.

Above we have; – Back row left to right Shirley, Strona, Ruth, Kathryn, Pippa and Emma. Front Row, left to right, Gillian, Janice, Wendy, Karen and Darcy (Doll) standing ion for Liz who had to leave early.

Dumfries and Galloway Train the Trainer Course!

This week Janet Hunt has been in Dumfries this week to deliver a 4 Day Handling People with Special Needs Train the Trainer MasterClass. This course was apart of a week long training session which also included a Key Trainer refresher at the end of the week for the existing trainers. In attendance over the first 4 days we had Gemma Meiklem from Georgetown Primary SchoolAngela Brown from Penninghame Primary, and finally Jayne Begbie and Caroline Craig from Campsie View School.

From left to right we have Angela, Caroline, Gemma and Jayne.

We had some excellent feedback from the course participants, Angela said “Thank you for a very enjoyable and worthwhile training course!

St Annes School

Janet Hunt visited St Anne’s School in Welton, East Yorkshire today, 7th March 2014, to deliver a one day Handling People with Special Needs Education refresher course. Peter and Anne from the school were joined by Graeme Oxtoby from Fredrick Holmes School and Jayne Ward, Julie Venus and Leanne Newton all from Ganton Special School.

St Anne's School Welton

Picture in the back row left to right we have Anne Strutt, Peter Yorke and Julie Venus and in the front row we have Graeme Oxtoby, Jayne Ward, Leanne Newton

 Brilliant comments received from all who attended including “Trainer made it interesting and fun, a good mix of theory and practical sessions” and “Janet Hunts training style is excellent